One Last Weekend Of Sun Before Wet And Blustery Weather Returns To Western Wash. | KNKX

One Last Weekend Of Sun Before Wet And Blustery Weather Returns To Western Wash.

Oct 19, 2018

Sun lovers in the Puget Sound region have one more weekend to get their fill of the dry, clear skies and mild temperatures that have dominated the weather lately. KNKX weather expert Cliff Mass says enjoy the lovely October days while you can because the end is near.

“Get out this weekend, I’m warning you, because a terrible thing is about to happen,” Mass said.

Transition To Winter Starts Next Week

The terrible thing is the start of a normal transition from what has been very typical, pleasant weather for early to mid-October in the Pacific Northwest to more winter-like conditions.

“We’ve had high pressure over us, temperatures have been above normal, we’ve had a dry situation,” Mass said.

“But when you come to Tuesday, everything changes. The flow’s going to come in, the jet stream will be aimed at us and we’re going to turn much rainier, windier and colder,” he said.

But First, A Sunny, Mild Weekend

Mass says both days of the weekend ahead look perfect for getting outdoors, with temperatures remaining in the low 60s.

“Some low clouds in the morning for many people, but they’ll break out later on during the late morning and afternoon, so not too bad,” Masss said.

He says Monday will be a repeat of that.

“But then on Tuesday, as the jet stream switches towards us, we’ll see storm systems – first a weak one, late Tuesday.  And then stronger ones on Wednesday and Thursday,” Mass said.

“That will bring substantial rain, some wind and temperatures won’t get up much more than the mid-50s,” he said.

And he thinks the pattern is likely to continue, as the region moves into more typical late fall weather.

“So we’re going to have much cooler temperatures, the return of rain, and winter is going to begin,” Mass said.

To hear the full conversation, including Cliff’s description of how the recent clear, warm weather has produced a new "Blob" of warm water off the west coast ... as well as noisier mornings for many people in the region, you can click on the 'play' icon at the top of this post.

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