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A Live Performance From Skerik For 'A Friend In Need'

Aug 15, 2020

This story originally aired on October 1, 2016.

On our show, we do strive to get the complexity of this region and capture what it means to live here in all of it's contrasting glory — both the pretty and the gritty. And on our show, when we're doing our job, we're telling stories that have a lot of that. We really believe that a story can be sad and hilarious and heartbreaking and surprising all at once. It's an eclectic thing we are trying to do.  

When we invited Skerik and his band to perform at "Sound Effect Live: A Friend In Need," we thought of them as kindred spirits in that respect. You might call what they do jazz, if you want. But it becomes very clear in this performance that Skerik (saxophone), D'Vonne Lewis (drums), Evan Flory-Barnes (bass) and Andy Coe (guitar) each bring a variety of styles and influences to the table. 

The band performed a song that was intense and seemingly spontaneous. Skerik then shared where the name of the band The Dead Kenny G's came from, as well as some poignant feelings on music.