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Food for Thought: Delivered Meal Kits

Apr 19, 2016

According to Kim Severson's New York Times story, it's a booming business: meal kits, delivered to your door — everything you need to make, say, heirloom potato and kale hash — or blood orange roasted salmon. 

Blue Apron is one of more than 100 companies delivering DIY dinners to the doors of thousands of Americans – neither Nancy Leson nor I among them.

Not only do we not subscribe to Blue Apron or its culinary compatriots, we don't even like the idea.

We both love to shop and cook.  I tell Nancy, "What?  I'm going to let strangers tell me what I'm eating tonight?"  Nance feels the same.  She says she'd rather make her own "meal kit." So can you. 

In this week's Food for Thought, Nance shares what she'd stock to create a Mediterranean or Asian kit pulled straight from her pantry.  Get the full list of ingredients in this week's show.

To be fair, I realize not everyone has as easy a commute and as much spare time in the evening as I do and might find this delivered meal kit idea very useful.  Let's hear from meal kit service users.  Are you a fan?  Tell us why.  Operators at the comments section are standing by.

"Making dinner every night really wears thin.  You bore yourself.  Even me." – Food writer, Sara Moulton