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Earshot Jazz Festival Preview: Bill Anschell's Peru Trio

Nov 14, 2013

Pianist, composer, arranger, humorist and world traveler Bill Anschell brings his "Peru Trio" to the Art of Jazz series at the Seattle Art Museum tonight at 5:30.  It's part of the Earshot Jazz Festival.

Anschell says the trio, which includes Chris Symer on bass and Jeff Busch on drums/percussion, is "...named for Peru partly because it's the trio I took to Peru last time I went there. I've taken groups there quite a few times over the years. One of the reasons they keep bringing us back is because I've arranged a couple of Peruvian songs for the band, and the Peruvians really like them."

He's also arranged pieces from other places he's toured, like Colombia and Brazil.   "But Peru is the place I've toured the most, and I love it there."

Expect to hear some of Anschell's outstanding jazz compositions and arrangements, with some Peruvian songs like this gorgeous version of the unofficial anthem for the city of Lima:  La Flor de la Canela.

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