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Cooking gifts for newlyweds

Aug 15, 2012

Seattle Times food writer and my Food for Thought co-conspirator  Nancy Leson is just back from the windy city where she attended a big fat wedding.   She points out that these days there's a bit of a problem in giving cooking-related wedding gifts.  Here's why.

Today's newlyweds have often been living together for a while before hitchin' up officially.  Which means that in many cases they already have a pretty well-equipped kitchen.  So what's the cooking-minded gift-giver to do?

Nancy says her stand-by gift is always  good pepper grinder.  What qualifies as a "good" one?  I didn't ask.  But by me, a good pepper grinder has:

Variable grind settings

One-handed operation

Is easy to fill

Is not huge

She has other recommendations but if I gave it all away here you'd have no reason to listen to the segment.

In which I mention the only wedding gift that either I or the L & T Cheryl DeGroot can recall getting those "Twenty looooooong years" ago.  Which leads me to think that unless it's something like a private jet trip to Paris, chances are that in a few years the happy couple (assuming they still are happy) won't remember what you gave them, anyway. 

For those whose memories still function, let us know about the least and most useful cooking-related wedding gifts you've given, received or even just heard about.

"Keep your eyes wide open before marriage, half shut afterwards."

– Benjamin Franklin