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Ballard Jazz Festival's Celebration Of The Drum

Jun 3, 2018

Two jazz quartets at the Celebration of the Drum opening the Ballard Jazz Festival last month will be featured this week on Jazz Northwest. Drummer Stefan Schatz leads the first group, with Thomas Marriott, trumpet, Jeremy Bacon, piano and Paul Gabrielson, bass.  Stefan Schatz recently relocated to Seattle from his birthplace in New York City.  They play music by jazz greats Thelonious Monk, Max Roach, Horace Silver, and Clifford Brown.  The second group on this program includes young musicians from Garfield, Cornish College, and the University of Washington. They played original music by members of the group; drummer Xavier Lecouturier, guitarist Lucas Winter, pianist Gus Carns, piano and bassist Ben Feldman.  

Celebration of the Drum was the opening night of the 2018 Ballard Jazz Festival, with four groups playing at the Conor Byne Pub in Ballard.  The Ballard Jazz Festival is sponsored by Origin Records, Artistic and Managing Directors are Matt Jorgensen and John Bishop.  Next week, a set from Brian Kirk and the Nu Trio featuring Nathan Breedlove and Phil Sparks also recorded at Conor Byrne Pub.

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