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Washington Republicans disappointed by early returns but optimistic

A blonde woman stands at a podium on stage with microphones in front of her with family members and a row of American flags behind her.
Scott Greenstone
Tiffany Smiley, Republican candidate for Washington's Senate seat, addresses supporters at the Washington State Republican Party's election night gathering on Nov. 8, 2022. Shortly after this speech, the Associated Press called the Senate race for Smiley's opponent, Sen. Patty Murray.


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KIRSTEN KENDRICK: In early returns Republicans are trailing Democrats in several key Congressional races in Washington. KNKX reporter Scott Greenstone was at the Republicans’ election night party in Bellevue.

SCOTT GREENSTONE: Cheering at FOX News coverage showing races in other parts of the country turned to… groans and boos when the early Washington state results were projected on the big screen.

CALEB HEIMLICH: So there's still some red counties still to count.

Crowd: BOOOOO.

HEIMLICH: And then obviously all the late ballots from today still to count in the coming days.

SCOTT GREENSTONE: U.S. Senate candidate Tiffany Smiley reminded attendees that likely only half of votes have been counted so far.

SMILEY: I'm an eternal optimist. It’s how God made me. And this is not over yet.

SCOTT GREENSTONE: Shortly after that, The Associated Press called the race for Smiley’s opponent. Senator Patty Murray had a fourteen-point lead on election night.

Democrats were also leading in two closely contested U.S. House districts, the 3rd in Southwest Washington, and the 8th east of Seattle.

Scott Greenstone, KNKX News.

Scott Greenstone is a former KNKX reporter. His reporting focused on under-covered communities, and spotlighting the powerful people making decisions that affect all of us throughout Western Washington.