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Election 2020: Results, reaction and more from across Washington state

Pierce County election workers sort through ballots at the election center in Tacoma last month.
Parker Miles Blohm
Pierce County election workers sort through ballots at the election center in Tacoma last month.

It’s Election Day 2020, arguably one of the most anticipated elections in recent memory. 

Early voting numbers indicate Washington state is likely to shatter records for turnout, young voters appear to be more engaged than ever, and election officials have been working relentlessly to assure voters that their ballots will be safely tallied

There’s a lot to cover. KNKX Public Radio has been talking with representatives from political parties, grassroots organizers, current and former candidates, and more to bring you comprehensive coverage of key races across the region. 

And now, we’re bringing you results from those races.

Check back throughout the night and in the coming days for up-to-date results and reaction across Western Washington. Stream live coverage on Election Night 4-11 p.m. and follow us on Twitter for updates.

And, if you need a break from the numbers, here's a link to a virtual sanctuary room — courtesy of Immanuel Lutheran Church in Seattle and other Northwest congregations — that will stream until midnight on Election Night. It's a place for prayer, music and reflection. (Last updated Nov. 12, 5:25 p.m.)


Jay Inslee (D) 57%, Loren Culp (R) 43%

Lieutenant Governor
Denny Heck (D) 46%, Marko Liias (D) 34%

Secretary of State
Kim Wyman (R) 54%, Gael Tarleton (D) 46% 

Attorney General
Bob Ferguson (D) 57%, Matt Larkin (R) 43%

Mike Pellicciotti (D) 53%, Duane Davidson (R) 46% 

Insurance Commissioner
Mike Kreidler (D) 65%, Chirayu Avinash Patel (R) 34%

Pat McCarthy (D) 58%, Chris Leyba (R) 42%

Commissioner of Public Lands
Hilary Franz (D) 57%, Sue Kuehl Pederson (R) 43%


State Superintendent
Chris Reykdal 55%, Maia Espinoza 45%

Referendum 90 (comprehensive sex ed)
Approve 58%, Reject 42%

Highline Public Schools Proposition 1 (technology levy)
Yes 74%, No 26%



Justice Position 3
Raquel Montoya-Lewis 58%, Dave Larson 41%

Justice Position 6
G. Helen Whitener 66%, Richard Serns 33%


District 3
UPDATE, Nov. 5: Long conceded to Herrera Beutler early Thursday. 

Democrats see this district as flippable this year. Herrera Beutler is the only Republican to represent Western Washington in Congress, and identifies as Hispanic. Long is a professor at WSU Vancouver, and it’s her second time challenging Herrera Beutler. 

Jaime Herrera Beutler (R) 56%, Carolyn Long (D) 43%

KNKX All Things Considered host Ed Ronco talks with OPB reporter Troy Brynelson about Washington's 3rd Congressional District race on Election Night.

District 8
Kim Schrier (D) 52%, Jesse Jensen (R) 48%

District 10
UPDATE: Marilyn Strickland (D) has defeated Beth Doglio (D), who conceded the race Nov. 4. 

This is an open seat after the retirement of Denny Heck, who held the office since 2013 and is now vying for lieutenant governor. Strickland is the former mayor of Tacoma and the former president and CEO of the Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce. She left the job earlier this year to run for Congress. Doglio is a state representative from Lacey. One of her campaign strategies has been to paint Strickland as too establishment, and too moderate — which has extended to the candidates’ views on climate policy.

Marilyn Strickland (D) 50%, Beth Doglio (D) 36%



House District 2
J.T. Wilcox (R) 66%, Veronica Whitcher Rockett (D) 34%

Senate District 2
Jim McCune (R) 64%, Rick Payne (D) 36%

Senate District 5
Two Democrats are vying for a seat in the district that includes Issaquah and North Bend. It’s a hot contest as noted by Olympia correspondent Austin Jenkins. Anderson appears to be favored more among progressives, and Mullet could benefit from Republican-leaning voters in the former swing district.   

Mark Mullet (D) 49.17%, Ingrid Anderson (D) 49.08% (separated by 82 votes)

Senate District 10
Democrats see this race as one of the opportunities to pick up a seat. As such, this race is also drawing boatloads of cash. Read more from Olympia correspondent Austin Jenkins.

Ron Muzzall (R) 51%, Helen Price Johnson (D) 49% 

District 19
Both of these races were highlighted as contests to watch by Olympia correspondent Austin Jenkins.

Joel McEntire (R) 53%, Brian Blake (D) 47%

Jeff Wilson (R) 55%, Dean Takko (D) 45%

House District 23
This open race has potential to be a historic one. If elected, Simmons — a former inmate turned attorney — would be the first formerly incarcerated person elected to the state Legislature. She faces challenger Ferguson, who serves as chair of the 23rd District Republicans.  

Tarra Simmons (D) 62%, April Ferguson (R) 38%

Senate District 25
This seat is being vacated by Sen. Hans Zeiger, who is running for a seat on the Pierce County Council. Gildon currently serves in the state House for the 25th. His challenger, Door, currently serves as mayor of Puyallup — a city that makes up a large portion of the Pierce County district.   

Chris Gildon (R) 54%, Julie Door (D) 46%

House District 27
Laurie Jinkins (D) 79%, Ryan Talen (D) 17%

KNKX's Will James talks with KNKX All Things Considered host Ed Ronco about the 28th Legislative District Senate race and other results of particular interest to South Sound voters on Election Night.

Senate District 28
UPDATE, Nov. 9: Nobles has declared victory over incumbent Steve O'Ban. 

This is among the six hottest statehouse races highlighted by Olympia correspondent Austin Jenkins. The district has been trending blue in recent years. In the primary election, Nobles outpolled longtime incumbent O’Ban — the only Republican in the 28th District delegation. 

T’wina Nobles (D) 51%, Steve O’Ban (R) 49% 

House District 42 
This pair of hot House races in this sprawling Whatcom County district are putting two incumbents — one Democrat and one Republican — through their paces and drawing lots of money. Stretching from Bellingham to the Okanogan County border, the 42nd in many ways mirrors the urban-rural divide of state. Read more from Olympia correspondent Austin Jenkins

Position 1
Alicia Rule (D) 51%, Luanne Van Werven (R) 49%

Position 2 
Sharon Shewmake (D) 52%, Jennifer Sefzik (R) 48%  

House District 44
John Lovick (D) 57%, John Kartak (R) 43%


King County Proposition 1 (Harborview improvement bonds)
Approve 76%, Reject 24%

City of Seattle Proposition 1 (Transit funding)
Yes 80%, Reject 20%

King County Charter Amendment No. 5 (Appointed sheriff) 
Yes 56%, No 44%

King County Charter Amendment No. 6 (Structure of sheriff duties)
Yes 62%, No 38%

KNKX All Things Considered host Ed Ronco talked with Pierce County Auditor Julie Anderson about the atmosphere inside the elections center on Election Night, as staff and volunteers worked to get ballots tallied.


Pierce County Executive
Bruce Dammeier (R) 55%, Larry Seaquist (D) 45%

Pierce County Sheriff
For the first time in nearly two decades, Washington’s second-largest county will welcome a new sheriff after Paul Pastor announced his intent to retire late last year. Before Pastor, the county’s longest-serving sheriff, the position was appointed — meaning it’s been even longer since voters have chosen who will lead the department. And the race is happening against a backdrop of police scrutiny

Ed Troyer 64%, Cyndie Fajardo 33%

Pierce County Council District 2
This seat is being vacated by Pam Roach, a well-known Republican in Washington state politics who announced her retirement last year after 30 years in public office. Another well-known Republican, state Sen. Hans Zeiger, faces Democratic challenger Sarah Rumbaugh — a political newcomer who has garnered a long list of progressive endorsements at the local, state and federal level. She’s the wife of Pierce County Superior Court Judge Stan Rumbaugh. 

Hans Zeiger (R) 54%, Sarah Rumbaugh (D) 46%

Pierce County Council District 3
Councilman Jim McCune is term-limited out of this seat, and is running for state Senate in the 2nd District (McCune previously served as a representative in that district from 2005, until he was elected to the Pierce County Council in 2013). Two Republicans seek to replace him in the largely rural district spanning central and eastern portions of the county.

Amy Cruver (R) 66%, Joe Zaichkin (R) 31%

Pierce County Council District 4
Connie Ladenburg also is term-limited out of her seat on the council, and two familiar names are vying for her seat: former University Place City Council member and mayor Javier Figueroa and former Tacoma City Council member Ryan Mello. Figueroa was one of two candidates who wastangled up in some controversy around campaign ads in the Tacoma Weekly newspaper. Ladenburg is the only Democrat among the four council members leaving the council, leaving open the possibility for a shift in council majority. 

Ryan Mello (D) 63%, Javier Figueroa (I) 37%

Pierce County Council District 6
This seat is being vacated by County Council Chair Doug Richardson, who is term-limited out and ran unsuccessfully for sheriff in the 2020 primary election. Whalen was one of two candidates tangled up in some controversy around Tacoma Weekly campaign ads

Jani Hitchen (D) 52%, Jason Whalen (R) 48%


Snohomish County Council District 4
Mead was appointed to the council in April, to replace Terry Ryan, who stepped down from the position. 

Jared Mead (D) 66%, Brenda Carrington (R) 34%