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Oregon Legislature Hears From Supporters, Opponents Of Gun Bills


Oregon lawmakers heard public testimony Monday on a set of bills to regulate guns.

One bill would prohibit people who have a standing restraining order filed by their boyfriend or girlfriend from owning firearms. Currently, that law only applies to people who've lived together.

Multnomah County Sheriff Mike Reese testified in favor of the measure.

"Simply put, keeping guns out of the hands of abusers is the best way to prevent them from shooting and killing their victims,” Reese said.

The measure would also delay a gun sale indefinitely if a background check doesn't clear.

Another bill would require people at risk for suicide to turn over their weapons if their family members successfully seek a court order. And another bill would require people to attend a live fire training course before getting a concealed handgun license.

Jim Mitchell was one of many opponents who said the bills would penalize lawful gun owners.

"These are bills that are aimed at preventing the ownership of firearms,” he said. “And that's about all you can say for them."

The committee did not immediately act on the measures.

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