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The music of Prince brings two people together in an unlikely way

This story originally aired on September 2, 2017.

Robbie Luna is a man of many hats, a Seattle area carpenter by day, and by night he fronts two bands, one of which is a Prince cover band called "Purple Mane." With Prince's 2016 death the band suddenly found 

Credit Courtesy Robert Luna
Robbie Luna brings his Prince act to the most intimate performance of his life.

themselves carrying the weight of being both a fun sexy party band, while also being a respectful tribute to a beloved musical genius. No one is better suited for that challenge than Robbie. His performance as Prince is impeccable, he even built a guitar to match the Purple One's, but nothing could have prepared him for one absurdly fateful chance encounter with a fan.

Robbie, being a carpenter, was working on an apartment's windows when a woman emerges from the building. Robbie braced himself, assuming he was about to receive an earful for causing a ruckus at an early hour, but instead she asked if he was in Purple Mane. What happened next is the kind of thing that one might call supernatural, eerie, serendipitous, the very least a very weird and strangely cathartic coincidence.

Producers Alex Cartwright and Warren Langford bring us this story from their podcast, Personal Effects, to listen to an extended version of this story check it out here.