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Episode 12: Telling Stories

Adrian Florez


Telling stories live is both the oldest form of entertainment, probably, and a newish thriving art form. In the Pacific Northwest there are a whole range of storytelling seriesandevents. These usually happen in a smallish venue, maybe a coffee shop. 

And needless to say, that’s been interrupted. 

Bill Bernat is a Seattle storytelling coach and consultant — his company is called Stay Awesome. He organized a couple of virtual live story eventsin recent weeks, and in this episode we listen in on two of them. 

First, storyteller Sasha Im finds she’s learned a lot about her fiance lately, and it’s made her wonder: Is this really the guy I want to be quarantined with? 

Then, storyteller and mental health counselor Susan Fee was not on board with seeing her clients over video chat. But then she forged an unexpected connection that probably would never have happened in person. 

There aren’t any more COVID storytelling events on the calendar right now, but Bill Bernat is still offering free workshops online.


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