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Comfort, joy, and community: Donate to the KNKX Winter Drive and fill a backpack

Your gift to KNKX Winter Drive helps fill a backpack with food for a child in need.

KNKX is thrilled to be partnering with Northwest Harvest again during our Winter Drive! Since the inception of this partnership in 2016, KNKX listeners have helped fill over 3,200 backpacks with food for children in need throughout our region.

This year, we’re counting on listeners to add to this total with a gift in support of the music you love and the news you need on KNKX.

For every $100 raised before midnight on Dec. 6, KNKX will fill a backpack with two days’ worth of nutritious, kid-friendly food for the Three Squares backpack program. These backpacks are distributed in high-needs public schools throughout Washington state, helping children who may have limited food resources outside of school get enough nourishment and sustenance while at home.

You can learn more about Northwest Harvest and the Three Squares program here.

This time of year is one of tradition, community, and generosity. Through this continued partnership with Northwest Harvest, KNKX seeks to honor these values. Please join the partnership and support KNKX, as we strive to bring comfort and joy to our region through accurate journalism, music discovery, and community connections.

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