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In The 1970s, This 24-Year-Old Moved Deep Into The Ozarks Because It Sounded Like A Good Idea

"IMG_5494" by Cindi Darling is licensed under CC 2.0
An Ozark driveway


This story originally aired on June 3, 2017.

David Schumer felt like the country was falling apart. Nixon had resigned, Carter was hapless and disco was everywhere he turned.


“We thought the only sane thing to do would be to move to a rural area, buy 30 acres of land, build a house and grow our own food,” he remembers.


He moved from the Detroit suburbs to rural Arkansas, deep in the Ozark Mountains, to the community of Chimes.


David tells Sound Effect about one of his favorite nights of his life, sitting on a porch watching fireflies. He also remember some of the hard lessons he learned from his neighbors and the national event that brought him out of the woods and back into the mainstream world.