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Meet Ammon Walker: A Comic Book Hero Who Gave Superpowers To His Creator

This story originally aired on July 11, 2015.

Aaron D'Errico had one dream as a child — to be a soccer star in the same manner as his father, David D'Errico, an original Seattle Sounder and former U.S. Men's National Team captain. 

But where Aaron's dreams went, his body couldn't follow. Born with cerebral palsy, Aaron was never going to be a much of a soccer player, much less a professional. That wasn't about to stop him, however.

The Friday Harbor man put pen to paper and created Ammon Walker, a comic book superhero and super-spy who uses his status as a professional soccer star as his cover. Like Aaron, Ammon has cerebral palsy. But unlike his creator, Ammon has developed technology that allows his body to overcome it.

And unlike Ammon, Aaron has a keen sense of his place in history. After all, his superpower is that he created Ammon in the first place. And he did it to bestow power to the powerless -- like so many comic book artists before him. 

Comic book artists and writers such as Spider-Man creator Stan Lee, "gave voice to the shunned, to the nerds, to the shy," D'Errico said. "I want to honor them."

Take a listen and hear Aaron's whole story. 


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