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Flip The Script: Sound Effect, Episode 93

Curious Photo - George Eastman House Collection, ca. 1880
Things get a little backwards from our normal expectations today.

This week on Sound Effect, we bring you stories that flip the script. We'll hear stories of reversing the typical expectations in a situation.

Grays Harbor

Grays Harbor, a part of the state that is known for being true-blue Democrat, voted for Donald Trump. It was the first time the county went Republican since 1928, back when Herbert Hoover was elected.

Marriage Myths

Stephanie Coontz is a marriage and family history expert at the Evergreen State College. She’s the author of many books on relationships and marriage, including “The Way We Never Were.” Coontz has spent decades studying the history of marriage and says most of the ideas we have about that institution are completely backwards.

My Mom Back Then

What if you could meet your mom or dad at the same age you are now. What would it be like? Sound Effect producer Allie Ferguson got that chance in a strange way.

Connecting Transgender Men

Telling the world its perception of you is wrong — and to say the way you see yourself is right — that can be a tough and lonely thing to do. One Spokane-based man noticed how hard this was for some transgender men. So he decided to help them connect with one another by going on an epic road trip.

John Roderick

Seattle musician John Roderick is the front man for indie rock band The Long Winters. He’s a liberal guy; you might remember his failed bid for Seattle City Council in 2015. But in 2016, he wrote an anthem for the Trump campaign called “Make America Great Again.” It was a part of author Dave Eggers project “30 Days, 30 Songs," which called on musicians to write songs for a new post-election America. Most artists wrote straightforward protest songs, but John decided on a satirical take that ended up coming from a more empathetic place than he originally planned.

Sound Effect is your weekly tour of ideas, inspired by the place we live. The show is hosted by knkx's Jennifer Wing.

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