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Website Aims To Give Teens Real-World Advice On The Birds And The Bees

(Courtesy Heather Corinna)
Heather Corinna, founder of

Some conversations about your body can be more difficult to have than others, especially when it comes to involving parents in that conversation.

When you’re a teenager, and the topic is sex, the awkwardness level grows exponentially. Sex-ed classes can be helpful, but let’s be honest, teens aren’t asking the questions they really want to ask because they're surrounded by their peers.

The idea of going to the internet for advice might sound just as cringe-worthy, but for lots of teens a website called Scarleteen has been a place to get real world info and advice. Sound Effect's Kevin Kniestedt headed to Vashon Island a while back to meet Heather Carina, the creator of Scarleteen. They discussed how she got into the sex advice business and some of the most common questions that she gets asked.