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When Your Only Way Out Is Inside 4 Walls: Washington Prisons And The Blue Room

Gabriel Spitzer
Washington Corrections Center

Biologist Nalini Nadkarni wanted to bring nature to the people furthest from it, and she found them in solitary confinement. Her solution, the Blue Room, has the potential to enact sweeping changes in a prison system known for violence, despair and astronomic rates of recidivism. 

Washington Corrections Center in Shelton is one facilities that is pioneering the use of Nadkarni's creation. Waves crashing, birds singing, a sunset -- simple videos of nature are becoming transformative experiences for offenders, making them feel they're still a part of the world beyond the prison walls.

Gabriel Spitzer speaks with Nadkarni and travels to Shelton to speak with inmates about their experiences in the Blue Room. 

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