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Halloween: Sound Effect, Episode 43

Wikimedia Commons
The Bride of Frankenstein

Sound Effect is your weekly tour of ideas, inspired by the place we live. The show is hosted by KPLU's Gabriel Spitzer. Each week's show explores a different theme, and this week the team tears a page from the calendar and embraces Halloween.

So what says Halloween more than ghosts, aliens, underground tunnels, scary movies and Sasquatch? All of those things combined!

We kick off the show wandering the halls of the Sorrento Hotel where the general manager tells Gabriel Spitzer that not only does she believe the haunted tales whispered by hotel workers, she thinks the infamous ghost is drawn to her specifically. And because this is Seattle, of course it's the ghost of the woman credited with popularizing pot brownies.

Then onto the life and work of UFO investigator, Bill Puckett. Puckett has had an affinity for unidentified objects since her first heard tale of a wave of sightings that happened right here in Washington state. We'll hear how the original sighting, over the Cascade Mountains, inauguarted the whole modern UFO phenomenon.

Kevin Kniestedt then takes us underground in Tacoma to explore this history of the long told myth of the Tacoma underground tunnels. He looks to get to the bottom of the legend, and consider what the story says about us.

Northwest Film Forum’s Courtney Sheehan explores some of the region’s most recent additions to the horror genre, and how 13 women are taking advantage of a to-be-demolished building as the set for a shriek-inducing film project.


Then we'll talk to a scientist out to collect evidence of the Northwest's favorite bogeyman, Sasquatch. Idaho State University professor Jeffrey Meldrum explains why he's looking to use drones to track Bigfoot, and what it's like researching something the vast majority of scientists consider fringe work.

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