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Sound Effect, Episode 11: Flight

"Sound Effect" is a weekly tour of ideas, inspired by the place we live. The show is hosted by KNKX's Gabriel Spitzer.

Each week's show explores a different theme. In this week's show, we take flight, or at least take a look at it.

KNKX’s Ed Ronco enlists the help of legendary anchorman Bill Kurtis to tell the tale of the notorious skyjacker, D.B. Cooper.

Korean astronaut Yi So-yeon tells Gabriel Spitzer about her long journey from the International Space Station to Puyallup, and why this engineer, astronaut and MBA is still looking for a job.

Seattle author Blaine Harden brings us the story of a young fighter pilot who stole his way to freedom with the help of a Russian made MiG-15 (and check out this web-only audioof Harden discussing the subject of his previous book recanting parts of his story).

And we get into the driver’s seat of the Aerocar with Jake Schultz, the man that wrote the book on Molt Taylor and his flying car dreams. 

Our guests for this week’s news round table are Justin Carder, Ethan Chung and Venice Buhain.