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Tacoma ranked one of fittest cities in U.S., according to Facebook

Roberto Berlim

Tacoma's fitness-obsessed residents are jumping on the social media bandwagon. 

At least, that's what Facebook says. Of all cities in the United States that have 200,000 or more Facebook users in a span of three months, Tacoma was ranked No. 9 on Facebook's Fittest Cities. (Portland, Ore., ranked sixth.)

Facebook determined the rankings by looking at users' activities on the social media site. These activities include fitness-related life events, such as "lost weight" or "started a new sport," and the use of fitness apps like "Get Fit with Facebook," which allows users to keep tabs on their fitness goals.

What this really means is that Tacoma's fit residents tend to have more of a social media presence. Sorry, Seattle runners. It seems if you don't use Facebook to record jogging times, you may as well not jog at all.