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5 embarrassing videos involving Microsoft and dance

The latest video involving Microsoft and dancing is causing not only a lot of cringing but some apologizing as well. It’s also the latest video pitting Microsoft against good judgment when it comes to song and dance.

Below, starting with the latest, are five videos that should give any Microsoft employee (or leader) pause before busting out the moves in public:

No. 1 - The “dancing Azure girls” video with references to drugs and genitalia is not only the most recent but certainly the most cringe-worthy of Microsoft-associated song and dance routines. The dance number debuted at the Norwegian Developers Conference last week.

PC Mag reports that the routine was “intended to get the crowd psyched up for the company's presentation on Windows Azure – Microsoft's cloud computing platform – the dance presentation and "Azure girls" start off with a fairly silly and (typically) lame routine that looks like the cross between LMFAO and Dance Moms.”

… but then veered sharply into the ditch.

Geekwire reported Saturday that the “dancing Azure girls” routine “is already drawing widespread criticism on Twitter, and multiple videos are making the rounds on YouTube. The Windows Azure logo can be seen projected above the dancers in one of them.”

Microsoft apologized on videos through its YouTube Azure site:

“This week’s Norwegian Developer’s Conference included a skit that involved inappropriate and offensive elements and vulgar language. We apologize to our customers and our partners and are actively looking into the matter.”

Here it is:


No.2 – The in-store dance.

In 2009, Microsoft employees in California jumped into a faux flash-mob dance that seemed more mystifying than engaging … doesn’t look like it inspired a great deal of product enthusiasm.

Engadget had this to say about the video when it surfaced:

“Why is it that whenever Microsoft tries to have a little ‘fun’ it comes across as creepy or overly controlled? This time it's Microsoft's Mission Viejo Store employees engaged in a fit of awkward boogie that some would call the Electric Slide.”


No.3 – No list of Microsoft and dancing can leave out Steve Ballmer’s “dance.” What more can be said about it … other than it at least appears to be completely genuine and sincere! That’s probably why it had so many people a little taken aback.


No. 4 – Usher performed 'Scream' at the Microsoft conference at E3 2012.

The performer tried to get people out of their seats, but according to reports, no one felt up to it – perhaps they already had that nagging feeling that Microsoft and dance are not a great mix.


No. 5 – “chicken dance @ microsoft e3 2010 conference (kinect dance central)”

This is a little closer to palatable, but clearly it’s not quite Solid Gold Dancers … yet.