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PLU symposium: Water is rare, scary and flows to the powerful

Igor Strupinskiy
PLU student
In the Student Forum: PLU senior Stena Troyer, current sustainability director, talks about the environmental impact reusable bags can have on reducing the amount of plastic bags our society uses.

Students journalists covering "Our Thirsty Planet," a symposium about water put on by Pacific Lutheran University’s Wang Center for Global Education, have wrapped up their coverage on "Water For Thought," a Website created for KPLU's experiment in student-sourced journalism.

With videos and stories, the students review the impact of the symposium and new perspectives on water. Below are headlines and highlights:

One quote: “It’s just incredible that moving into the future that so much of our politics of power and food resources and just water resources are going to be controlled by people who have water.”

Story on Vice president of the Norwegian Academy of Polar Research: One of the coldest places on Earth has become one of the interdependent regions filled with industrialized and militarized resources.

For all of the stories and more videos, check out the student Website.

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