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Super Bowl of seven-layer dip

Seattle writer Tim Haywood with some of his tasty old friends.
Tim Haywood and daughters
Seattle writer Tim Haywood with some of his tasty old friends.

As many of you know, Sunday marks America's premier "unofficial" holiday, a national fest of gluttony and television watching. Another Kardashian wedding special? Excellent guess, but, no, it's the Super Bowl!

Commonly known as Super Bowl Sunday, others may dub it "National I really have to pee but I can't leave the room because the commercials are better than the game" Day or "Forget the Doritos! I'm eating the seven-layer dip with a spoon" Day.

There's a reason they sell those massive team replica jerseys

For a lot of us, it's the first excuse of the year to pry ourselves out of that diet and exercise wagon and roll it into a dusty corner of the garage. After a solid month of denying ourselves the peppermint bark and summer sausage we'd gotten used to eating for breakfast during the holidays, we can allow ourselves one magical day to say,

"Ah, Mr. Pringle, come on in. Here, let me take your lid."

I'd be willing to bet that Super Bowl Sunday is the beginning of the end for a lot of us, that after such a day of decadence we blow those resolutions of getting back into shape, and just give up...again. Do I go to a gym? You bet I do, the Y, four days a week. Am I in great shape? Absolutely, compared to 1977 Elvis. And, frankly, I hope most of these gym rookies who overdo things on Super Bowl Sunday don't return to work out becasue finally it'll put some space between me and some of the regulars whom I've gotten a little too close to in the past month.

So, please, enjoy your Super Bowl Sunday. Relax. Eat, drink and be merry. Come on, the gym's not going anywhere.

Tim Haywood is a Seattle writer. More of his musings can be found at his blog, Reflections of a Shallow Pond.


Is a guest writer at KNKX. Check out his blog, Reflections of a shallow pond.