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University of Idaho releases safety report from independent panel

The independent panel investigating safety and security policies at the University of Idaho in the wake of the murder of graduate student Katy Benoit in August says the university’s plans in those areas are comprehensive.

The panel was convened by UI President Duane Nellis to review the university’s safety and security policies as they relate to the safety of students, faculty, and staff. The panel has found that the university’s policies are complete and comprehensive but is making several suggestions.

For example, the panel says that the university’s emergency management plan is comprehensive but not user- friendly. The panel suggests the university develop a one- page plan detailing what to do in an emergency and whom to call.

Also, the panel says the university has clearly articulated policies for responding to issues of student safety concerns, but suggests the university reorganize the information on the university’s web site to give safety and security policies more prominence and so that those policies can be more easily found.
Nellis has appointed a task force to implement the panel’s recommendations.

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