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Idaho executes first prisoner in 17 years

Convicted murderer Paul Ezra Rhoades died by lethal injection Friday morning. His death marks the first time in 17 years Idaho has held an execution. In his last remarks, Rhoades did not take full responsibility for the three murders he was charged with.

In his final statement, Paul Rhoades took partial responsibility for the murder of Susan Michelbacher. He said he was sorry for the part he played in her death.

Rhoades told the families of Nolan Haddon and Stacy Baldwin that they have to keep looking for their killer.

Then, according to Associated Press reporter Rebecca Boone, “He faced the section that contained his representatives and he said, ‘Mom, Goodbye.’"

"And then he turned and faced the warden Randy Blades and said, ‘You guys, I forgive you. I really do.’”

The Ada County Coroner confirmed Rhoades death at 9:15 this morning. Except for a slight legal delay, Idaho’s execution procedures went as planned.

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