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Should Bruce Lee get his own Seattle museum? Council wonders

Bruce Lee in 'Way of the Dragon.'
Bruce Lee in 'Way of the Dragon.'

The Seattle City Council has unveiled a new proposal to create a museum memorializing martial arts star Bruce Lee.

In June, plans for a museum at Lee’s former residence in Hong Kong were scrapped. Now, The Lee Family Foundation has released a concept for a Seattle-based museum.

Titled the Bruce Lee Action Museum, it would include Bruce Lee memorabilia, personal items and writings, but also a café, theater and research library. The museum would also feature space for temporary exhibits.

Lee lived in Seattle throughout the 1950’s and 60’s. The martial arts legend was buried in North Capitol Hill after his death in 1973. The Lee Family Foundation expressed interest in developing this museum near Seattle’s Chinatown-International District.

Seattle City Council requested that a full report be prepared by August, 2012. The Council sees this as a way to provide economic development opportunities for the Chinatown-International District. The museum would rely on private and public funding and could lead to “job creation and increased access to cultural facilities.”