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Video of dog's CPR rescue could be used for teaching

A Pierce County dog trainer is fielding heaps of praise for saving the life of Sugar, a 4-year old boxer.  The animal collapsed during a training class Saturday.  Ron Pace said when he saw the animal fall, his instincts took over, according to the News Tribune's Sara Schilling:

Pace, 54, who owns Canyon Crest K9 Training Center in the Summit/Waller Road area, used a version of CPR to get Sugar breathing again...

It took about two minutes of steady massage to the dogs chest, and a couple of breaths into the animal's mouth, to help bring Sugar around, to the delight and relief of the dog's owner, Tiffany Kauth of Bremerton.

Pace's training experience spans nearly four decades, reports Schilling. He was a co-founder of the Tacoma Police K9 program. According to The Trib, he is also behind a program that provides trained service dogs to people with diabetes.

One of Pace's assistants is credited with some quick thinking: they began shooting video of the scene to give to a veterinarian later, so a medical team could see what had been done. 

According to KING-TV's Elisa Hahn, Pace has been contacted by at least one agency who sees teaching value in the video:

"It may have not been the correct way to do it and the way that they teach," says Pace. "It's the outcome that what was important." Organizations like the Humane Society have already contacted Pace, asking him if they can use the video for instructional purposes.

Kauth tells the News Tribune she is grateful for Pace's quick efforts. Sugar was later diagnosed with a heart problem, and is now being treated for it.