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Where were you? Remembering the Nisqually Quake

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The Nisqually Quake sent many ducking for cover, as in this school drill. But drills aren't the same as the real thing, according to responses to our question, "Where were you ten years ago?"

We've been asking you today, "Where were you ten years ago when the Nisqually Quake hit the Puget Sound region?" 

The 6.8 shake damaged thousands of structures, notably the unreinforced masonry buildings in the historic downtown areas of Olympia and Seattle. 

Clearly the memories of jangled nerves and scary moments remain strong.

On KPLU's Facebook page, we've had good response to our question:

Many are sharing vivid recollections, like Coleen:

I was at home and our grandfather clock was coming at me and I stopped it with my shoulder. The ground out side looked like it was bubbling under ground.

Debbie is an educator:

I was a high school librarian with a room full of students. Despite all those drills, they had to be reminded (OK, I hollered!) to get under the tables.

Todd writes he was on jury duty in downtown Tacoma in the old city/county building. After the violent shaking stopped, the bailiff asked the jurors to exit:

The lady sitting next to me froze and wouldn't move...myself and the guy on the other side of me grabbed an arm and walked her outside. Of course court was cancelled for the remainder of the day...

Anne was visiting a friend in Enumclaw: 

I struggled to get up the stairs while the floor rolled to check on my friend. She was unfazed. She had lived in Alaska and told me they got them all the time.

And Mark writes:

Downtown Redmond, at the hobby shop. All of of a sudden everything flew off the shelves and onto the floor.

You can read more on the KPLU Facebook page, or join the conversation by sharing your Nisqually Quake memories here. 

On this tenth anniversary, how much safer are we from the devastating effects of a major quake? KPLU's Liam Moriarty explores that question, and assesses what's been done since 2001 on a variety of measures. 

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