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We're comfortable driving in the snow? Really, Pemco?

But is the driver comfortable navigating on our snowy, icy roads?
But is the driver comfortable navigating on our snowy, icy roads?

This statement might surprise you. It sure surprised us. 

Pemco Insurance makes the claim, based on a survey it did of Washington drivers. Most polled (58%) say they feel 'comfortable' behind the wheel when driving on snowy roads.

Seems to us here in the newsroom we report on a lot of abandoned vehicles during lowland snowstorms. Last November's storm resulted in notorious backups caused by abandoned vehicles and spin outs. The current snowfall scattered carsalong roadways throughout the region, as Jill Kimball reported in The Seattle Times.

So, to us, the survey are a little hard to swallow. But when you break the survey answers down by gender, you get the impression that someone may be boasting a little about their snow-driving prowess: 77% of men say they are 'comfortable' driving in the snow, but only 45% of women make the claim.

How would you answer the question? 

Our latest storm gave Pemco the chance to use the survey to remind drivers about thesafest ways to abandon a caron a snow-covered street.

That advice may have been top of mind for drivers who found themselves stuck last night, trying to get home. Still, snow plows had to do a lot of navigating around cars left on I-5 in Skagit and King counties, and SR 16 in Pierce County. 

Here's some video shot today by You Tube user Multipleshotsfired in Snohomish County, as they drove to work this morning. It shows how easily side-road spin outs can happen: