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Poll: Latinos unhappy with both major parties

A national poll released Monday shows Latinos are unhappy with both major political parties. The poll posed several questions to Latino registered voters about their attitudes toward candidates and the 2012 election.

Latino Decisions’ poll shows that more than half of the Latino registered voters say the Democratic party is doing a good job in reaching out to Hispanics, compared to 17 percent who say the same about Republicans. The poll also shows that 67 percent of Latinos polled said they approve of what the president is doing. Yet, only 43 percent say they’ll vote for him come 2012. Dr. Gabriel Sanchez is the research director at Latino Decisions.

"President Obama will secure a pretty large percentage of the Latino vote probably similar to what he had in 2008. But it has much more to do with what the GOP is not doing in term of galvanizing support among the Latino population, than it actually has to do with the President really satisfying the political attitudes of the Latino population," says Sanchez.

When analyzing how Latinos gauge Republican candidates, only 9 percent say they’re certain they’ll vote to for a GOP candidate.