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2 Renton officers demoted for cartoon posted on YouTube

Two Renton officers have been demoted for posting a cartoon to YouTube that makes fun of the staff and policies of a new jail in South King County.

Deputy Police Chief, Charles Marsalisi and police sergeant Bill Judd, were each knocked down a rank after their involvement in the video came to light.

The cartoon- which is almost 9 minutes long and has more than 7,000 views, so far – features a clown as the jail’s incompetent employee who refuses to admit a suspect brought in by Police.

Judd, now an officer, asked Marsalisi for advice on how to post the cartoon online anonymously. Marsalisi apparently complied, telling him to use the library.

In a statement, Police Chief Kevin Milosevich said the video “publicly demeaned and ridiculed certain department staff” and added, that it is detrimental to relationship between the Police Department and the regional jail.