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Weekend's Warm Temps And Clear Skies Will Depart Come Monday

Enjoy the sunny weekend –but keep your rain gear ready – we’re going to have a nice scenario for gardening and other outdoorsy pursuits this weekend.

That’s according to KPLU weather expert Cliff Mass, who is also excited about the recent news of El Nino and La Nina. (Click “listen to our podcastand hear his information about all that.)

Mass says he’ll be waiting for the thunderstorms, which always excite him. First though, we all have to get through Friday with only partly cloudy skies.  

“A few showers off shore in British Columbia, but nothing serious,” Mass said, with temperatures getting into the upper 60s . There will be partial sun too, he says, “so a pretty decent day.’

Then, over the weekend, a ridge will start building over the region with the heat rising past the 65 degrees (66-67 he says) and then “a notch further, where temperatures will get to 70.”

Places away from the water might get into lower 70s he said.

“So, no rain – a really nice weekend,” he said.

But there will be a transition on Monday and Tuesday, when an “upper level trough” is coming in and bringing lower pressure with it, as well as heat.

“Maybe even lower 70s before the clouds come in.

Dynamic weather starting Monday night

Clouds will be increasing and as low and high and low pressure systems collide. Mass predicts a strong probability for thunder and lightning.

“On Tuesday – that’s when the excitement occurs,” Mass said. “Maybe quite a few thunderstorms on Tuesday."

He says that may even start as soon as Monday evening and he’ll be keeping an eye on for it.

“You bet I will,” he says.

Mass loves nothing more than watching storms roll through and teaching people all about it.  Blue skies and warm clouds bore him. 


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