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Introducing 'Tree of Jazz,' a new show from KNKX

Erik Hanberg

As a long time radio broadcaster in the Northwest, I have been both a listener of—and a colleague to—the wonderful Ken Wiley and his iconic show. Now that Ken and the Art of Jazz have retired, you can listen to the archived shows On Demand, with hundreds of hours of enjoyment. Just press play anytime you want to revisit the vintage music Ken featured.

This Sunday, we are excited to launch a new show, inspired by the foundation that Ken built with Art of Jazz. I invite you to tune in Sunday at 3 p.m. for Tree of Jazz with Justus Sanchez. The new show will honor the roots of jazz and then trace their evolutions to new artists. After all, the jazz presented weekly in the Art of Jazz was, in the day, performed by new musicians finding new sounds.

Tree of Jazz will present vintage jazz along with emerging artists informed by it. Tree of Jazz will travel through the eras. Listen as we follow an artist through different bands, look back at iconic albums, highlight an instrument in the hands of different musicians, and more.

We will also feature various styles within and around this ever-growing and ever-evolving Black American art form and highlight some of the adjacent genres of music that jazz has influenced as well. The depth and relevance of this music to American culture is profound. It speaks to oppression and to race. It speaks to creativity and collaboration. It speaks to freedom and peace. And it has been recognized time and time again to be transformative in people’s lives.

We're excited to welcome this new show to the airwaves at 88.5 FM and and On-Demand at I hope you'll join us at 3 p.m. on Sunday.