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Snoqualmie Falls shows off its majesty as flood waters crest

The Snoqualmie River is cresting at the falls this morning. These two videos were shot by Carol Wells yesterday on an Android-platform smart phone. 

King County reports the river's daily discharge peaked yesterday, but volumes are still very high.

The SnoValley Star reports a number of roads were closed Thursday in the town of Snoqualmie as river levels crested:

...portions of Boalch Avenue Southeast and Southeast North Street have been closed. Outside the city, King County officials have closed parts of Southeast Reinig Road, Southeast Mill Pond Road and Southeast David Powell Road. The Meadowbrook Way Bridge over Snoqualmie River has also been closed.

As of 11:30 a.m. Friday, the Snoqualmie River remains under flood warning by the National Weather Service, at the town of Carnation. The 'warning' label has been suspended for the area around Snoqualmie Falls.