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"From Dawn to Dusk: Nordic Art from Sweden’s Nationalmuseum"

"From Dawn to Dusk: Nordic Art from Sweden’s Nationalmuseum"

From Dawn to Dusk: Nordic Art from Sweden’s Nationalmuseum presents 56 paintings by Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish artists held in the collection of the Nationalmuseum in Stockholm, Sweden. The exhibition traces the final decades of the 19th century, a period of radical development in art of the Nordic countries, through scenes of everyday life, portraits, and landscapes by Vilhelm Hammershøi, Hanna Hirsch-Pauli, Carl Larsson, August Strindberg, Anders Zorn, and many others. Beginning with the paintings of Nordic artists working in the realist style dominant in 19th-century France, the exhibition then turns to follow the work of those artists who spent time abroad and returned home to see their native countries with new eyes. This return launched a new approach to painting, particularly in the depiction of the landscape, a genre that has come to be regarded as quintessentially Nordic. Around 1890, a national style developed. Nature and the countryside figure prominently in turn-of-the-century Nordic art, but From Dawn to Dusk also highlights the growing interest of Nordic artists in depicting the growth and activity of modern cities.

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