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Labor groups want job stimulus plan

Labor leaders in Washington are urging state lawmakers to pass a $2 billion construction jobs package. The Washington State Labor Council and other labor organizations held a press conference Wednesday in Olympia.

Among them, unemployed worker Ben Mahre . He says he lost his job a year and a half ago, and with it, his retirement fund and medical benefits.

“People are losing their homes and everything like that," Mahre says. "We’re actually in a situation where we depend on unemployment benefits to keep our houses going. Instead, just give us a job. We need to look forward. If you don’t spend any money to get this stuff back, we’re going to be in big problems.”

Washington lawmakers are already considering a construction jobs package worth $1 billion , but unions are pushing for that to be raised to $2 billion. They argue a jobs stimulus plan is an investment that will eventually bring back more money to the state.

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