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Not a 'Belieber' but your kid is? Options for tonight's Justin Bieber concert

The Associated Press

Teen music sensation and hairstyle-trendsetter Justin Bieber will be singing in a sold-out Tacoma Dome on Tuesday night. That means something like 23,000 kids* will be dropped off by parents looking to while away a few hours.

Enter the LeMay – America’s Car Museum(ACM) and its “Parental Daycare.”

“Parents,” the museum’s press release begins, “if you’re looking for an escape from 20,000-plus kids singing ‘Baby, baby, baby…ohhh’ … ACM will host ‘Parental Daycare,’ an oasis for moms and dads whose children are across the street ...”

Wait … who’s Justin Bieber?

Tacoma News Tribune wraps up the Bieber like this:

Since the self-taught singer from Stratford, Ontario, was first seen on YouTube in 2007, he’s made more fans (and more money) than seems possible, even for a teenybopper in today’s click-and-like world. He won five 2012 Teen Choice Awards, has sold more than 15 million albums, has more than 28.5 million Twitter followers, was named the third most powerful celebrity in the world by Forbes magazine, and is worth more than $100 million, all thanks to a pretty face, some creative hairstyles and ber-popular songs such as “Baby,” “Boyfriend” and “As Long As You Love Me.”

What’s a ‘Belieber’?

A definition of ‘Belieber’ on Urban Dictionary:

A 'belieber' is a fan girl of teeny bopper sensation Justin Bieber. They are usually between the age of 10-15. A lot of them spend most of their life on Twitter where they:
-Tweet about how much they love Justin Bieber
-Shout-out other 'beliebers'
-Use a lot of tags like #ifollowback or #teamfollowback.
Beliebers are also well known for fainting at Justin Bieber concerts/appearances. They are also well known for covering their room and school books with pictures of Justin Bieber.
#bieberfact he said the best thing about his fans is that we all stick together as one big family. RT if you are from the belieber FAMILY

Details for the ‘Parental Daycare’:

  • ACM will be open during special hours (5-10 p.m.)
  • Special admission cost ($10)
  • Kids (ages 17 and under) with Bieber tickets in-hand – and accompanied by an admission-paying adult – will not be charged.
  • Classics Café, by Pacific Grill will be open and selling food/drinks.
  • Everyone is welcome to enter “Parental Daycare,” regardless of whether they parked at ACM, have kids at the concert or are attending the show.
  • Slot cars and racing simulators are available.
  • Gift store will be open.

*Yes, we understand some adults like Bieber, too.