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Latest Ballot Count Leaves Two Seattle City Council Races Still Up In The Air

Daniel X. O'Neil via Creative Commons

A pair of Seattle City Council races remain up in the air after the latest count, with thousands more ballots still to be tallied.

The tightest race in town is still District 1, covering West Seattle and South Park, where the margin narrowed just a bit further after the Monday afternoon update.

Shannon Braddock now leads Lisa Herbold by just 95 votes, with nearly 3,000 ballots remaining to be counted.

In District 2, which includes Seattle’s southeast section, incumbent Bruce Harrell widened his lead slightly over Tammy Morales. Harrell is now up by 401 votes, with more than 2,000 outstanding. Vote totals inched up only slightly after the Monday update.

King County Department of Elections spokeswoman Kim Van Ekstrom explains they tend to get the easy ballots out of the way early, and now officials are on to the more challenging ones. Those include cases where voters need to be contacted to verify signatures, overseas ballots or military members who are allowed to vote by email scan or fax.

Election results will be finalized and certified by November 24. 

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