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'Severely endangered' red-crowned crane chick born at Seattle zoo

An endangered red-crowned crane chick has joined the Woodland Park Zoo family.

The male chick was born on May 13 to parents Niles and Maris, both 21-year-old cranes who were donated to Woodland Park by Japan’s Kobi Oji Zoo.

There are only 2,700 of these “severely endangered” cranes living in their native habitat in Northeast Asia, and an additional 80 cranes living in zoos and institutions, according to Woodland Park officials.

Niles and Maris has had 13 successful hatchings since joining the zoo in 1992.

Woodland Park is involved in a global effort to bring back the red-crowned crane population. The zoo hopes the new chick’s birth helps spread awareness of the endangered birds. 

Visitors can see the new chick in the Asian crane exhibit of the Temperate Forest.