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Five things you should know about the proposed marijuana rules

Liquor Control Board

The state Liquor Control Board on Thursday released a draft of rules proposed to help regulate legal marijuana. The 46-page document is filled with details relevant to those who plan to apply for a pot license.

Here are five things non-license seekers should know about the proposed rules:

1. Number of licenses 

The state will only issue a finite number of licenses in each county; however, that number has not yet been set. If the number of approved applications exceeds the number of available licenses, a lottery will be held. 

2. Applicant's past

The state will use a points-based system to determine whether the applicant's criminal history is a disqualifying factor. Those convicted of a minor crime will be considered; a felony conviction in the past 10 years will disqualify the applicant. The board will excuse up to two federal or state misdemeanors for pot possession per applicant until July 1, 2014. A single state or federal misdemeanor related to selling, buying, or possessing pot may be excused on a case-by-case basis.

3. Growing pot

Only fully-enclosed indoor grow sites such as a greenhouse will be permitted. No size restrictions have been outlined for grow structures. Also, marijuana plant waste must be mixed with other solid waste and be rendered unusable prior to leaving the grow facility.

4. No pot extract, hash

All products must be displayed behind the counter. Also, products infused with marijuana extract can be sold; however, the sale of marijuana extract, such as hash, will be prohibited.

5. Security 

All pot businesses must have in place a video surveillance system as well as a security alarm system to “ensure control of the area.” Surveillance cameras must be on around the clock.