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Anarchist website to May Day vandals: Ditch evidence, don't brag

In the wake of another violent May Day riot in Seattle, an anarchist website has posted some “cautionary tips” for protesters: get rid of evidence, and don’t brag.

“Do not keep the clothes you wore at the demonstration tonight!” said a post on “Similarly, do not keep any other instrument you used to commit a crime.”

Police may review photos and videos taken during the riot to try to identify vandals, therefore anything that might be incriminating must be discarded “if you did anything that might have been illegal tonight, or could be mistaken for someone who did," the website warned. 

The site also emphatically cautioned protesters and vandals against boating about their involvement in May Day activities.

“DO NOT BRAG ABOUT RIOTING OR OTHER ILLEGAL ACTIVITY, ESPECIALLY NOT ON THE INTERNET OR IN TEXTS!” the site said. “Resist the urge to brag to friends about tonight. This is a double-edged sword: the seductive appeal of insurrection should be communicated and spread, but be careful.

“For example, it may be okay to talk about being at an event or supporting what happened there, but it is a terrible mistake to claim to have thrown a bottle or to know who did.”

The site urged protesters not to cooperate with investigators: "NEVER PROVIDE INFORMATION ABOUT OTHER DEMONSTRATORS TO LAW ENFORCEMENT! This is most easily accomplished by not talking to the police at all."

A total of 17 people were arrested during the mayhem Wednesday night. Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes has charged six of them with misdemeanors, including resisting arrest, obstruction of an officer, failure to disperse, and property damage.

Several businesses were vandalized and at least eight police officers sustained minor injuries during the chaos.