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Bless the Rich, or Soak 'em? Washington's Income Tax Debate

Bill Gates Sr.jpg
AP photo.
This is a rich man. He wants the state to tax him because of his wealth. Hint: his son is the richest man in America.

A self-described 'poor man' from Spokane tells us he wouldn't think of voting for I-1098, the income tax measure, because "the rich are blessed."  KPLU's Paula Wissel asks "Who's rich and who's not?" in our latest report on Election 2010.  The initiative aims to tax the wealthiest 1.2% in the state. That's a quantifiable definition of 'rich.'  But the conversation also invites a qualitative definition to a perhaps undefinable question. KPLU News wants to know what you think.  Along with KCTS 9, we've co-sponsored the latest Wasington Poll by UW research Matt Barreto's team to help us understand voters views.  Tell us what you think:  how do you define rich?  Your answers are welcome. Let's talk.

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