Washington students make progress on math, science tests | KNKX

Washington students make progress on math, science tests

Aug 29, 2012

Washington students have made some gains on standardized test scores. Math scores ticked up in nearly every grade tested, according to the state Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction. Superintendent Randy Dorn says he’s encouraged by the steady improvement, and credits an intense focus on math and science.

“We said hey, you’re doing pretty well in reading and writing, but you really need to start concentrating in the early grades and the middle grades on math. And we’ve done a better job, we’ve had new standards, and we’ve seen the success come through,” Dorn said.

Language arts scores, which did start out higher, were mixed compared with last year.

Meanwhile graduation rates improved to 76.6 percent this year, up over last year’s rate of 72.2 percent. Dorn warned, however, that rates could dip in two years when the state adopts tougher national standards.