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Washington Supreme Court Bans Life Without Parole For Youth

A split Washington Supreme Court has ruled that sentencing juveniles to life without parole is a "cruel punishment," and so is unconstitutional.

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Dream On: Sound Effect, Episode 157

Elena Maque, Farko Dosumov
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Saxophonist, vocalist, and composer Elena Maque was featured with her group in this month's Art of Jazz concert presented by Earshot Jazz at The Seattle Art Museum.  Born in St. Petersburg, Russia, she graduated from the Mussorgsky College of Music and played and toured with a jazz big band led by Gennady Golshtein.  Those tours took her to several surrounding countries and provided additional musical influences on her music.  She relocated to Seattle several years ago and is now established on the Seattle musical scene.

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A psychology professor explains how dreams can have a big impact on real-life decisions and discoveries. A researcher searches for a drug that can help veterans kick their PTSD nightmares. A man who used to make teeth transitions into a new career, in dream analysis.

Courtesy of Kate Noble


Kate Noble says she knew at a young age that her family was dysfunctional.


“Many layers of conflict. Maternal, psychiatric dysfunction, absentee father,” Noble recalled.


Help came to Noble in the form of a dream. She was three and a half years old.


Nightmares happen to us all. For people with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, nightmares can be debilitating, nightly experiences. “Trauma nightmares are almost [like playing] a video tape of a traumatic event,” says Dr. Murray Raskind. He’s a psychiatrist at the VA Puget Sound hospital in Seattle and a professor in the University of Washington School of Medicine, who’s been researching PTSD treatment since he started working with a support group for African American veterans of the Vietnam War, in 1994.


Kimberly Clark Sharp lives in Seattle but she grew up in Kansas. And when she was 22, she had an experience with her father at the DMV that would change her life. It was not something she was prepared for.

“We were leaving the building. I collapsed into and through his arms, and hit the sidewalk,” Kim said.

A nearby nurse, a good samaritan and the fire department all worked to resuscitate her. Nothing was working. Kim describes hearing someone say, “I’m not getting a pulse!”

Growing up in Taiwan, Dean Huang always knew he wanted to study abroad, especially after visiting cousins that had immigrated to Boston. “It’s just that Taiwan is really small, and I feel like I can maximize my potential and challenge myself to receive a different education.”


This Danish tooth-maker became a dream therapist, at the urging of his Jewish Unitarian minister wife. As one does.

OK, better back up. For Flemming Behrend, his career as a dental technician was something that he loved. He hand-made artificial and prosthetic teeth, shaping porcelin and pigments into lifelike choppers. He appreciated the art of it, and the satisfaction that came from delighting his patients. 

A popular Pacific Northwest ski resort is moving to airline-style ticket pricing this season.

The cost of lift tickets at Mt. Hood Meadows in Oregon will rise and fall daily based on demand.

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Sun lovers in the Puget Sound region have one more weekend to get their fill of the dry, clear skies and mild temperatures that have dominated the weather lately. KNKX weather expert Cliff Mass says enjoy the lovely October days while you can because the end is near.

Yamandu Costa in São Paulo, 2011
Fronteiras do Pensamento / courtesy of the artist

Brazil is known for producing an astonishing number of guitar virtuosi.  Leading the next generation of wizards of the strings, Yamandu Costa is a unique improviser, composer and master of the 7-string guitar.


Dick Stein and Nancy Leson share their views on food, cooking and eating. Sometimes they even agree.

Featured Studio Session

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High Pulp's Tasty Modern Fusion

Considering the mix of the nine (or ten) members of Seattle's future funk fusion group High Pulp, it has to be fusion. Their new album Bad Juice is out this week and they're celebrating live at Nectar with Industrial Revelation Saturday night. We got a powerful preview live in the KNKX studios that you've gotta hear. Drummer Rob Granfelt leads this ensemble, which began as a quartet a couple years ago and has been built through friendships formed in the after-show "hangs" around Seattle. Core...

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Featured Jazz Northwest

Courtesy of Jim Levitt

Jazzmeia Horn Live At Jazz Port Townsend

Making her Pacific Northwest debut, Jazzmeia Horn thrilled a near-capacity crowd in McCurdy Pavilion at Centrum's Jazz Port Townsend in late July. Backed by an all-star group including saxophonist Tim Warfield, pianist Taylor Eigsti, Harish Rhavan on bass and Marcus Baylor on drums, the multi-award winning young singer presented songs ranging from Cole Porter to a Betty Carter classic and two songs of her own. Still in her twenties, Jazzmeia Horn has been the recipient of numerous awards and...

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