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Initiative deadline arrives in Washington, Oregon

Jul 5, 2012
Originally published on July 5, 2012 3:08 pm

OLYMPIA, Wash. – “Groundhog Day.” That’s what Washington initiative promoter Tim Eyman says it going to feel like Friday. This will be the third time Eyman has submitted signatures for a ballot measure to require a supermajority vote of the legislature to raise taxes. Friday is the deadline in Washington and Oregon for initiative sponsors seeking to qualify for the November ballot.

Of the more than 50 proposed initiatives in Washington, only two are likely to make the fall ballot. Both used paid signature gatherers. One is a well-funded charter school measure. The other is Eyman’s two-thirds requirement for tax hikes.

Eyman says as petitions were being circulated it was clear Washington voters are quite familiar with this idea.

“'Didn’t we just vote for this?’ And we would have to explain to them, ‘see we’re just renewing it for another two years because if we allow them an extra year they’ll repeal it and raise a bunch of taxes,’” says Eyman.

He’s referring to the fact that after two years Washington lawmakers can overturn a voter-approved initiative with a simple majority vote.

Meanwhile in Oregon, the Secretary of State anticipates six or more initiatives could make the ballot. They include measures addressing marijuana legalization and non-tribal gaming.

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