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Artist Spotlight: Delaney Saul

courtesy of the artist
Delaney Saul
art by Delaney Saul

As part of KNKX Connects to Tacoma, we are featuring a selection of artists from the City of Destiny. Meet artist Delaney Saul, who works as a digital illustrator and muralist.

The following Q&A was lightly edited for clarity.

Tell us about your art.

My commercial work is bright and colorful. My personal sketchbook is monochrome or grey scale. I enjoy drawing my city or portraits. I try to find beauty in the strange, which is probably why I love Tacoma so much and why I have made it the subject of my personal work as well as commercial stuff.

How long have you been an artist? Why or how did you decide to start creating art?

I have been an artist all my life — I have been a professional for about eight years now. My mom was a painter and put a brush in my hand before I could walk. I started painting watercolors like her.

Artist Delaney Saul
Photo by Delaney Saul, courtesy of the artist | Amberquinn.Photography
Artist Delaney Saul

What's it like being an artist in Tacoma?

I have found an immense amount of support from other artists and other creative people who aren’t necessarily artists but who really are all around creatives. it was slow when I started but I think the more you get involved, the more you do, the more you’ll be known for your work.

Is there another local artist in Tacoma that you admire? Who deserves a shout-out?

Oh man, so many. Lourdes Jackson, who has given me professional advice and is a very talented painter and designer. My friend Atmos, who is a skilled graffiti writer... so quick and precise. Jeremy Gregory, who many people would say is the most talented and experienced artist they have ever met. I agree, he does it all. Matanofo Porter, my dear friend and scrummy, who can paint and use the color blue like nobody I've ever seen, and who inspires me in work and in life. Ricky, who has taught me a lot about the business. Brycie MacDonald, who has assisted me on murals and invited me to work on his, who taught me tips on how to hold my brush when I was a newb. Julia, who is not only a painter but a community organizer, and who creates spaces for everybody to enjoy making art. She's warm and unique. Deal, who first taught me how to use a can — a very talented painter and kind spirit. Melissa Fay, a friend I've had since I was eight and a person who just exudes art. With every choice she makes in her clothing to her sketches to the way she loves and dances, she is art. I'm sure there are more people I want to include but those are people who have definitely helped me in the last year.

Help us fill in the blank. "You think you know Tacoma, but you don’t know about..."

... that the Tacoma Rainiers have nothing to do with Rainier Beer. The logos are ever so slightly different. Also, Rainier isn't sold at Cheney Stadium.

What's next? Any new work or projects you're excited to share?

I intend to draw a poster celebrating South Tacoma Way and the businesses on that street that I frequent. It will be evocative of the 6th Ave poster I have where raccoons are taking over the 6th Ave night.