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KNKX Connects showcases people and places around Puget Sound. Through audio, art, photography, music and journalism — discover a new connection with Tacoma.

Artist Spotlight: Perry Porter

painting by Perry Porter
courtesy of the artist
painting by Perry Porter

As part of KNKX Connects to Tacoma, we are featuring a selection of artists from the City of Destiny. Meet watercolorist and rapper Perry Porter.

The following Q&A was lightly edited for clarity.

Tell us about your art.

I'm just a nomadic artist trying to create the world I want my future family to live in.

How long have you been an artist? Why or how did you decide to start creating art?

I’ve been an artist my whole life. I’ve been creating for as long I can remember, but professionally, it’s probably been since 2017.

painter and rapper Perry Porter
photo courtesy of the artist
painter and rapper Perry Porter

What's it like being an artist in Tacoma?

It’s a small town but we take care of our own. You might need to leave for a second to expand your network. But that never changes the type of support and curation that happens here.

We’re underdogs, for sure.

Is there another local artist in Tacoma that you admire? Who deserves a shout-out?

Bruce Leroy and LIVt

Help us fill in the blank. "You think you know Tacoma, but you don’t know about..."

... The Flamingo Room house parties.

What's next? Any new work or projects you're excited to share?

I have a new album and show on January 27 and 28. I took a break from music but I’m back!