The New Cool debut! | KNKX

The New Cool debut!

Nov 4, 2016

The time is now.

With a hundred years of recorded jazz behind us, KNKX looks to the future. The New Cool is the jazz of today, made by musicians who grew up with hip hop, punk rock, electronic music and a lot of soul. You'll hear a wide variety of styles, from the deep funk of Delvon Lamarr's DLO3 to the veterans of the scene, Medeski Martin & Wood; electronic elements from Mocean Worker and Koop; indie-rock influences of Industrial Revelation and Tuatara; highly rhythmic grooves with agressive improvisation from Theo Croker, Roy Hargrove, Kamasi Washington and more. There's also room for the Americana stylings of Bill Frisell and Julian Lage, and our ears are wide open to your suggestions as well!

The New Cool debuts Saturday with new recordings from Charlie Hunter, Ingrid Jensen and the aforementioned Theo Croker. I'm happy to say the Pacific Northwest will be particularly well-represented, as musicians like Skerik, Barrett Martin, Jessica Lurie and the fantastic quartet Industrial Revelation are the folks who inspired KNKX to present a show like The New Cool.

You can follow along with the playlist right here each week, where you can also stream the show all around the world, and connect with us on Facebook as the show is broadcast: (Feel free to share) Thanks for listening, and for staying connected to The New Cool!