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Going Places: Wading Into The Water Near Cornwall To Beat The British Heat

Jul 20, 2017

In the heat of the British summer, many families escape their busy city lives for a calmer, cooler time near the sea.

This week on Going Places, we find KNKX travel expert Matthew Brumley doing as the British do, in Cornwall.

Cornwall is in the southwest of England, and Brumley found his way to a place called “Land’s End,” which is on the very southwestern tip of the island.

“The water temperature is a little warmer than Puget Sound, but not much,” Brumley said. “Imagine this kind of azure beautiful blue water that looks like it belongs more in the Caribbean than it does off the coast of England in the Atlantic Ocean. Rising out of the sea are these massive, rugged cliffs that spill into these green pastures. Up on the hill I can see a thatched, white cottage with a gorgeous English garden.”

Here’s a look at some of the places Matthew stopped along the way.

KNKX travel expert Matthew Brumley couldn't resist leaving a (temporary) mark on beach in Cornwall, England.
Credit Matthew Brumley / KNKX


This town was home to Sir Francis Drake, the second man to circumnavigate the world. Its history goes back centuries.

“The town also has one of the finest Gothic cathedrals in the world, which was built in the 1200s,” Brumley said. “It’s one of the most impressive Gothic sites I’ve ever seen anywhere in Europe, and it was quite a surprise.”

St. Michael’s Mount

The small island is the counterpart to Le Mont St. Michel in northern France.

“Actually, the Benedictine monks of Le Mont St. Michel at one time owned and were in control of this little sister island,” Brumley said. “To get there we took a little boat – 2 pounds ($2.60) each way – and spent about a half day exploring this rugged little abbey on the coastline.”

Hiking Trails

Brumley says southwestern England is replete with well-marked trails.

“This is one of the most stunning, prettiest little places I’ve ever been,” he said.

Brumley opted for a dawn hike, just after 6:30 a.m.

“As the sun rose over the Atlantic Ocean, I walked down these rugged little paths and passed one little cute village after another, and one little cove after another,” he said.

You can hike for hours here, on various parts of the coast.

“And there’s always a pub within reach,” Brumley said, “so if you get hungry or thirsty after an hour or two of walking or hiking, you can always find a very good ale and some fish and chips.”


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