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Big changes in sports as the coronavirus continues to spread

Mar 13, 2020

The spread of the coronavirus has resulted in significant changes in how things are handled throughout the world, and the sports world is no exception to that. Sports commentator Art Thiel says three significant things happened on Wednesday that sparked some huge changes.


Thiel says the first thing that happened was the World Health Organization officially labeled the coronavirus as a pandemic, which he says set off a series of decisions by businesses and organizations.

He says the second thing that happened was the press conference led by Gov. Jay Inslee that laid out the consequences of the coronavirus in our region.

“I thought that was a very wise and reasoned approach that really helped, I think, people understand the gravity of the situation and the need for, what I think, are drastic measures” Thiel said.

Thiel says the third thing was the NBA suspending their season after one player tested positive for coronavirus. Thiel said it was the first major step from a sports league truly acknowledging the seriousness of this global health problem.


Thiel says that more cancellations and postponements in sports need to happen. The MLS has suspended their matches for 30 days. Major League Baseball has canceled the rest of spring training, and is pushing back the start of opening day by at least two weeks. The NHL also has put a pause on their season. But several sporting events in the U.S. and around the world still continue on with lots of people in attendance.

“All these leagues and teams have to come to decisions that the health of their coaches, players and fans are paramount over the activity.


Thiel says that while fans might be bummed out about the lack of sports or the opportunity to see their team live in the stadium, this is one of those situations where it is OK to take a step back and look at sports for what it really is: a hobby.

“We don’t often think of our passion for sports as a hobby, but it really is," he said. "We do this for fun, for enjoyment, for fulfillment. And I’m certainly not putting down that passion, but I am saying let’s put it in perspective. We are being asked to give up, temporarily, a hobby, for the greater good. I’m down with it.”

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